The first science discussion meeting took place on 27th of December 2012 and was lead the man who wishes to be identified by the name Mo on the topic of synthetic biology from the field of biology.

The biology field is progressing rapidly, in the last decade the whole files shifted in a significant way, what led that change, in my opinion, is the discovery of restriction enzymes. Restriction enzymes played a major role in the recombinant DNA technology, gene cloning became feasible with the E.coli as the main engine behind the scene. Genentech was a company founded on the discovery and cloning and expression of insulin.

Now the limitation of using an existing genes almost came to an end, with the development in the DNA synthesizing technology and the improvement in the technology of assembling the big chunks of DNA, the question is would we be able to build a genome. This question was answered by a research group in JCVI leaded by Hamilton O. Smith, they were able to synthesize the genome of Mycoplasma mycoides and transfer the whole genome and activate it in another host. This work illustrate that the genetic material or the source code of living organism is the same, so the ability to build a custom genome maybe near the corner. It got a huge impact on industries like energy and fuel production using algae cells.

DIY biology became one of the hottest topics recently ; “ was founded in 2008 with the mission of establishing a vibrant, productive and safe community of DIY biologists. Central to their mission is the belief that biotechnology and greater public understanding about it has the potential to benefit everyone.”

The field now is progressing with a high speed. Hopefully it will improve the human experience.