The Science Society was founded by Sari Sabban in 2012. It is a platform for scientists to meet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and share various topics and news in their specific scientific fields of interest. The Society offers diversity in minds to give the opportunity for learning and sharing experiences from different scientific views and disciplines.

Membership is not restricted to scientists, everyone interested in science is welcome.

Members gather on the first Saturday of every month at 11:00 where one member usually chooses a discussion topic, or the members discuss a predetermined topic. Topics vary based on different backgrounds and interests but do not include politics and religion, facilitating effective and constructive interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. Meetings usually last for around 2-3 hours depending on the energy and the depth of the discussion.

The society aspires to expand its members to reach a critical mass which can sustain a continuous stream of discussions, innovations, collaborations and motivations between all scientific fields.

The Society’s Structure:

The society members elect a director every year who assumes his/her responsibility from 1 January to 31 December of the elected year.

Each member is allowed to nominate him/her self, at which point the members will vote on the last meeting of the year. If not enough votes are collected (less than 30% of members) the director is appointed by the founder of the society Sari Sabban.

The director responsibilities are as follows: Maintain the list of members, recruit more members, organise meetings, organise discussions.

The founder responsibilities are as follows: Maintain the society’s website, maintain the society’s funds (if available).

Membership and Rules:

Joining the society is very simple. Just send your request to join to the director to any member at which point you will be added to the whatsapp group to be notified of event and meeting times and locations. Leaving the society is equally simple. Just send your request to our email at which point you will be removed from the whatsapp group.

Society news, meetings summaries, and general functions are posted on this website as soon as the event ends.